Your experience with homeopathy, quackery, superstition, `alternative medicine`

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[[ Touchy subject! Please please please read the group description ]]

The acceptance and misunderstanding of alternative medicine, homeopathy, ... runs wide in our society.

So you are bound to have come into contact with various practices and beliefs throughout the years.

What were your experiences with it? How did you come into contact with it? What practices? Etc. In the broadest sense.

E.g. also stuff like
- "These unique mineral stones will release your bad energy. Trust me."
- "You have suppressed your feelings, thats why you got cancer"
- ...


PLEASE read the group description to know what this group is (not) about:

For optimal group talk, places are limited to 8 spots. Because of that:
- PLEASE set yourself to ATTEND if you plan to attend (if no-one sets themselves to attend, I will cancel it last minute. If at least one person sets themselves to attend, I’ll be there and we’ll make it a night to remember, whololooo).
- PLEASE do attend if you have set yourself to attend.
- If something comes up and you can’t make it, please set yourself to NOT attend. If last minute, I appreciate an sms[masked]

I have planned a bunch of subjects that interest me, each about two weeks apart. Choose the subjects that interest you. I’ll start each subject with a little intro, which will serve as the conversation starter. Purposes are to get to know random people "with a realistic world view", while sharing stories around interesting subjects, and learning a thing or two about that subject and perspectives other than your own.

Tip: take a few moments of reflection beforehand to gather your thoughts (on the toilet, bus,…) and write some things down around the subject (some subjects demand this more than others). Also feel free to bring accessories around the subject at hand. This project cannot succeed without your enthousiasm! Like anything in this world, really.

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