From Roots To Boots II

Friday  16 March  2018  6:25 AM
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the second chapter

In 2018 RPF exists 5 years therefor we organise three weekenders to celibrate our continuous stubborn fight against suburban boredom with yet another weekend of punk extravaganza . As usual, there will be plenty of beer, obligatory oi! and around 1O-14 carefully selected bands playing for you this weekend.

Disturbance (hol)
Dutch streetpunk veterans presenting their new album 'Tox Populi" . Punks and skins unite! watch?v=_lrznRXF0iw watch?v=sCG2lzDBBbQ watch?v=0jDnNylzIWo
Guts Pie Earshot (ger)
One of the most innovating bands in the last 20 years of punkhistory, combining eastern melodies, breakbeat drums and heavy almost metallic passages armed with only one cello and a drum. Mindblowing band and an absolute must see. watch?v=KZhCb3D7Pr0 watch?v=hvixGnEJU8U watch?v=z9jpHThY-r8

Midnight Tattoo (be)
Belgium's leading streetpunk / oi act ready to make their first performance at one of our shows. As the band is currently working on a new album, one can expect some new songs to pop up in their setlist. Looking forward to that, we he hope you do to. watch?v=vuqZt6lLAUM watch?v=cjWZBN8Fq0s watch?v=54IohcqhDcQ

The Sporadics (uk)
Ska/dubpunk from overseas in the best Brittish tradion of bands such as RDF, PAIN, Inner Terrestrials and AOS3. watch?v=YPllfnjbrhw watch?v=dbYdqQ17upM watch?v=8ougDris0G8

Hexen (esp)
All girl streetpunk / oi band out of Bilbao. Soon releasing their first full record through Longshot Records. Top quality melodic streetpunk with a riot grrl attitude. watch?v=u7wbXxvxDHw watch?v=Nas8imlLALc watch?v=EEDmZKSMMQA

FORGE (be)
Some call it footballpunk, yet Forge isn't your typical Oi! band. Combining 77 punk, streetpunk and some occasional postpunk like passages, FORGE succeeds to keep our interest. L'union fait la Forge!
https:// track/forge

Female fronted straight forward yet musically interesting hardcore punk. If you like your punk served raw, intense and in your face this definetely is a band for you. Check it = believe it. watch?v=80MRZbESHLw watch?v=0WDQRyVh_pk watch?v=9mY4MPVGJ04

FLKS (be)
Latest punkrock prodigy from the high north of Limburg featuring (ex) members of the free boozers and customized.

Oi! of the tiger (ger)
German RASH outfit making their first Belgian appearance. 80's inspired rough politically charged oi oi music. watch?v=afO5hznzkcY watch?v=jm5X3Nwrsxc watch?v=81DEfb-Vai4

Sharp X Cut (ger)
German HC / oi! for an emacipatory skinhheadscene. watch?v=iA6iTzNQn_E

Conmécontent (be)
Wallonia's leading streetpunk outfit, true believers of "lalala"punk watch?v=DDvf7QjcmpY watch?v=hUCw4YF1w8c watch?v=TU6kjEL7U6U

Steele Justice (be)
Finest 3600 punkrock promoting their first full length "Neonlight Blues" watch?v=EHjWhKcinTk

Big Fat Toddlers (be)
Local punkrock youngsters playing some high quality uptempo 90's punkrock. watch?v=LtRZEheqtII watch?v=llgfJjqU_Bs watch?v=x4U_kUPACgE

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