Gay Boys To Men Workshop (Antwerp)

Saturday  5 October  2019  1:00 PM    Saturday  5 October  2019 5:30 PM
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Gay Boys To Men, A Journey Of The Gay Man! An informative, dynamic workshop aimed to explore real issues with learn practical strategies.

Gay Boys To Men Workshop - Antwerp

The Gay world! We have the most fabulous parades, the best parties, chiseled bodies and more sex than you will ever need. Pride movements have enabled Gay men across the world to have equal rights to that of their straight counterparts. Yet despite these enormous achievements Gay men have explosive rates of STD infections, relationship failure, suicidality, drugs and addictions. No other group in society is alike, bringing together masculinity and gentility, courage and depression, style and body shame, hypersexuality and sexual impotence. These conflicting parts of the outer and inner gay man are the reasons for struggle with shame and anger in such a unique blending group of individuals.This workshop will explore the use of gay apps, parties, body image, chem sex and more, we aim to begin the journey to understand and resolute the paradox of the Gay Man, making room for self acceptance, love and contentment.

What should I expect?

This is workshop is an interactive, fun and informative workshop exploring the Gay psyche. After having delivered the workshop twice already in Brussels with over 70 men having attended, Gay Boys To Men is collaborating with Sensoa in Antwerp.

There will be some refreshments and regular breaks and opportunities for discussion and questions.


Saquib Ahmad: A London-Brussels based psychotherapist with a specialisation in Trauma and LGBTQ mental health. Ahmad is a British- Pakistani who completed his training as a therapist in the UK. He is currently he is a senior psychotherapist in the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service, a trauma centre for those impacted by the London fire of 2017.

Ahmad has also collaborated with other LGBTQ+ organisations including Rainbow House Brussels and Exaequo and works offers workshops in Belgium on Gay mental health topics including Shame, Addictions, Relationships and more.

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De Winkelhaak
26 Lange Winkelhaakstraat, Antwerpen, 2060, Vlaanderen, Belgium
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