Livestream W/ NÜWA (Eclipse Recordings, NLTT?, BE)

Saturday  20 April  2019  5:00 PM    Saturday  20 April  2019 7:30 PM
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Last update 21/04/2019

NÜWA is a Dj/producer hailing from our capital Brussels.
Passionate about producing techno, the scene and everything that comes with it. Joining the Nobody Listens To Techno family in late 2017 he started showcasing his fresh productions and dj skills. It wasn't long before he got the notice he deserved. His debut EP was released on none other than Sasha Carassi's Phobiq. Quite an entrance to the scene from this young guy.
Not much later he started his own imprint with Lina Respen called
'Ithica Records'. While releasing big tracks on labels such as:
Phobiq Recordings, Eclipse Recordings, Cherrymoon Recordings, Oxytech Records, … You can say big things are coming up for him!
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