MasterClass JavaScript

Thursday  11 July  2019  8:30 AM    Friday  12 July  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 13/07/2019

What will be covered during this course?

JavaScript has become one of the most popular and used programming languages for both mobile and the web and it is becoming difficult to be a software developer these days without using JavaScript in some way.

During these two days, we will get you up to speed into programming with JavaScript and learn all the best practices and tools that you need to use it in the best possible way.

During the first part of the workshop, we'll explain the basics of JavaScript, including aspects such as Object, Closure, Module...and some tools for beginners. You will also discover ES6 (level I). The second half of the training covers async programming and ES6 (level II).

With a set of hands-on exercises, you will put into practice the different features learnt. There will also be several pair programming opportunities and live demos throughout the two days.

Who follows our training?

Software engineers, developers and designers who want to build robust web and mobile applications with JavaScript.

What is the required knowledge to join this course?

This is not an entry level programming course. It’s required to be familiar with at least one programming language such as C#, C++, Java or PhP. Some knowledge of Git would be helpful but not required.

Participants should be comfortable following the training in English.

What do you receive after the training?

Participants will be granted access to all exercises covered during the workshop via Github repositories and will be able to download them for up to 1 month following the workshop.
On top of that, Hackages participants will able to contact their mentor for up to 3 months following the workshop. This assistance includes one hour of discussion per participant on the topics covered in the training.

Participants will receive a personalised certificate issued by Hackages that proves that they have successfully completed the workshop.
Participants become part of a fast-growing community of developers and will be informed of upcoming community events.

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