We envision a world with improved product integrity across the supply chain.
In today's environment it is becoming more difficult to ensure products stay authentic and safe when they reach customers. Integrity issues are increasing as supply chains are more complex, products cross more borders, not everyone is following the rules, technology is advancing very fast. Due to this complexity, we have only one focus: helping our clients with improving integrity across the entire supply chain. A problem having our full attention. 
4XScience is a management-consulting firm with the mission to improve product integrity across global supply chains by leveraging business, technology and regulatory know-how. We have a clear end-to-end vision on how to implement the right processes and technologies leading to a win-win relationship between customers, industries and governments.  
We focus on 7 capabilities: Authentication, Serialization, Labeling, Traceability, Security, Efficiency, Intelligence. While technology will be replaced at some point, our thought leadership and no nonsense delivery will stay forever. We define, execute and deliver hand in hand. We successfully deliver services from strategy to implementation.
We have enjoyed the completion of implementations at multiple sites for markets such as China, South Korea, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, US, EU and Russia. We are working for several of the top 50 pharmaceutical industry and their supply chain partners. Over 40 companies in our network relying on our experiences. We help to protect products using the best available technology in the most efficient way while meeting all worldwide regulations. We need to be top in our field at global level. We need to master all of this.