Philosophical Café: Identity

Saturday  22 June  2019  2:30 PM    Saturday  22 June  2019 5:00 PM
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Identity is a concept found in all disciplines of philosophy, history, and social science for good reason – it is the organizing principle behind how individuals and groups define themselves, perceive and interact with others, and address the human condition.

This discussion will look at concepts such as the self-identity; nature vs nurture; conscious and unconscious choices and behaviors; how multiple identities interact and change over time and circumstance; individuality; sameness, and many other challenging concepts of Identity through a philosophical lens.

It is truly a perfect topic for this edition of Philosophy Café — an opportunity to explore Identity without sparking a personal identity crisis (hopefully!).

Join us on 22 June 2019 to discuss, explore, dissect, examine, and challenge the concept of “Identity” in an intimate group setting where all voices are heard, acknowledged and respected regardless of your background or experience with philosophy!


The oldest way of doing philosophy isn't about reading books but being engaged in a dialogue. The philosophical café is open to anyone who wants to experience and practice philosophy in an informal, flexible and amiable setting. Our format requires neither preparation, nor being able to name-drop great philosophers. We try to reflect on ourselves, our beliefs and convictions by posing philosophical questions with a moderator guiding the discussion.


The Brussels Philosophy Meetup is organized out of an interest to bring people together around critical thought and philosophy. The goal is not to make any money but there are costs that are perhaps invisible to the general participant. Meetup charges a 35 euro fee every 6 months for hosting our group as well as a room can cost something depending on venue (15 euros for Elzenhof).

PLEASE NOTE: In order to cover these costs, we want to ask you during the event to contribute a 1 or 2 euro coin as a suggested amount.

All events including this one are organized with love and care. Every once in a while this means needing to make a change (to the hour, location or even the date). Your role in this is to always check back with the event after you've rsvp'ed at least once a few days before the start of the event. On a related note, if you can no longer make it, please take a moment to change your attendance to not going. It is a good idea to make sure you receive emails sent by the organizer through Meetup.

Babelmet Cafe. Please note that drinks at the bar can only be paid for in cash (coins are best, no large denominations). Most simple drinks will be 1,5 euro.

The philosophical café will be in English. There is no need to be a native speaker - and most participants are not. A good working knowledge of English works. The conversation is moderated so we speak one at a time, insuring we understand what each person is saying.

Coming soon :)

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