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Producer Dylan Mullen, aka Smokeasacis an American producer and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.    The 24-year-old Virginia native was at the forefront of blending rock guitar melodies, hip-hop beats and heart-on-your sleeve lyrics with his friend and collaborator Lil Peep and continues to bring that fusion to listeners with his solo work. He spent much of 2018 painstakingly working to honor Peep’s legacy with the completion and release of the posthumous release Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2.

Recently he produced his own track “Leave You Behind and started to focus toward writing and recording his own vocals. For his solo effort, he started working with other producers and musicians. Expect a bunch of unreleased tracks on his European Tour. 
Check out his latest video here:

OPGELET! Nieuwe datum! Official artist statement:

"Due to unforeseen recording scheduling I have to postpone my headline European dates this month until August + September. I sadly have to miss Russia, Ukraine, Helsinki, Prague and Oslo off the new tour but I promise I’ll be back soon!"

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Kavka Oudaan
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