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Arandel music – Aurélien Bianco foley artist – Kevyn Dianafoley artist

The Vampires, a secret society, is terrorising Paris with a series of abductions, thefts and murders. The police are unable to cope and it is left to the journalist Guérande, assisted by Mazamette, to try and put a stop to these dangerous criminals. Episodes 2 and 3 of the film, the Ring that Kills and The Red Codebook, will be at the heart of the second evening of  UFA Film Nights, to the accompaniment of music by Arandel.

Episode 2
The Ring That Kills 

The Count of Noirmoutier is given a poisoned ring. At the première of The Vampires, a pantomime performed by the dancer Marfa Koutiloff, who is Philippe Guérande's fiancé, the count gives her the ring. She collapses in mid-performance as the count flees. Guérande pursues him to an abandoned fort where he is captured by a group of men who hold him to await execution at the hands of the Grand Vampire…

Episode 3
The Red Codebook

Philippe Guérande deciphers at home the code contained in a notebook found on the body of the vampire killed by his accomplices as they fled. He reads that whoever discovers the secret of the criminal gang is destined to die. He is given a mysterious poison pen stolen from the Grand Vampire …

CINEMATEK shows Louis Feuillades masterpiece Les Vampires in its full glory, with the ten episodes spread over four performances. In the context of the Restored festival!

22.11 - 19:00 – episode 1-4

25.11 - 19:30 – episode 5+6

26.11 - 21:00 – episode 7+8

28.11 - 19:00 – episode 9+10

More info: www.cinematek.be 

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