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Wasted Struggle (HUN, Budapest)
Dark and heavy hardcore from Hungary.
Oaken (HUN, Budapest)
2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 synth, 1,5 drumkits and fell voices of collective desolation. We are an angry experimental hardcore band.
LOST IN LIFE (GER, Frankfurt)
In times when people just need to have the most popular status symbols and to follow the latest trends... the music and the message is taking a back seat. Most bands and hardcore kids forget what it's all about. That's where "Lost in Life" comes in. Lost in Life were formed during a cold winter night at the end of 2016. Four friends connected by their love and passion for heavy music.
A fresh and talented band that works hard and is ready to take the crown of "European Hardcore" scene. This band is one of the few who piss on all hardcore trends... No clean "Sing Sang" vocals with boring breakdowns... straightforward, angry, emotional and uncompromising metal influenced hardcore with a strong political message that stands for antifascism and equal rights for all human beeings. If you love bands like "Get The Shot", "Have Heart" or "Verse" you will eat this band like a piece of chocolate. Stage dives, sin
Pesticide (BEL, Ghent, Aarschot)
The band got started somewhere in 2016. Half of us live in and around Ghent (Belgium) and half of us live near Aarschot (.... Uh... Also Belgium). And we were looking for a reason to see each other a bit more. So we thought: “Why not start a band?” We all played in bands anyway, but had never played together. So that’s what we did. Like I said, the band was more of an “excuse” to see old friends. But what an excuse it is! We’re all totally into bands like Ictus, Madame Germen, Leadershit, Ekkaia, ... So we finally had a project where we could make that type of music.
Entrance: Free donation (all money for playing bands)
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Pelderijnstraat, Brugge, Vlaanderen, België / Belgique / Belgien