Weekly RPG Session: D&D - Life of a hero(69)

Monday  17 June  2019  7:00 PM    Monday  17 June  2019 10:30 PM
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Last update 18/06/2019

Played with Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition Player's Handbook, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Xanathar's guide to Everything and Homebrew material.

The Story:
Lovil is a mysterious continent for outsiders. Known only for its dangers and treacherous lands. A Lord in need of outside help had send a boat to different continents to pick up anyone willing to go. However, On their trip the Champions encountered a heavy storm. The storm sunk the boat and the Champions with it. By some miracle, the Champions were unharmed by the surrounding waters. Sinking deeper into the darkness they finally found the bottom and the one responsible for their safety. The Mother Of Storms saved them for now, but also gave them a choice; Accept her quest and become stronger in Lovil until she calls upon you, Or decline and be sent back into the storm. The Champions accepted the offer and the Mother Of Storms send them to Lovil, safe from immediate harm.

Hello and welcome to my homebrew campaign for D&D 5th edition. As this is a homebrew world, I have changed and bent a few rules that I will discuss in more detail in the first session. This campaign is played once a week so priority will be given to existing players of the campaign. Beginners are like always welcome. New players will need to come sooner so we have enough time to create the characters.

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Outpost Game Center
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