Young Minds Matter Brussels

Wednesday  20 June  2018  3:00 PM    Thursday  21 June  2018 1:00 PM
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Workshop | Food | | Live Music | Dance and Exhibitions

Topic: What does it mean to be young?

A Festival for all ages, a festival that focuses on development through collaboration. We wish to invite you to join the first Young Minds Matter Programme/ festival in Brussels,

This is an international exchange programme, led by Young Creative Leaders and social entrepreneurs from around the world. Elevate Young Minds encourages artists and social entrepreneurs from different countries to converge and share their diverse artistic mediums and approaches, creating a fascinating festival that combines workshops, discussion,  theatre performances, street shows, concerts and an exhibition which reflects the current youth opinion on global issues.


My Art & My Voice (Artists to be announced)
This event consists of Finart and illative exhibits, Live music, Dance and Performance Theatre Companies and Poetry form local and international artists.

Anarchy Film Festival ( Films to be announced)
Enjoy our 2018 film collection of narrative, documentary and animated films, in feature-length and short formats, and in multiple genres and from Different countries.

Young Creatives Leader (#ycln)
Supports the development of creative leaders and social entrepreneurs, #ycln will facilitate a space for individuals and organizations to present their work and vision for a together future.

Workshops  (Limited spaces available on all sessions.) 

Creative Practitioner Self-awareness Session 
- Angga Kara  |  Resilience & Mindfulness coach
Consultant, Social Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

Angga Kara is an executive inner-fire coach, TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur and creative consultant. Indonesian born, living in England. Starting his journey in 2003 when he was 17, using fashion as a way to help underprivileged young men express themselves, discuss barriers, inspiration & aspirations with the aim to take positive steps in life with better mental health.

Experimental Dance workshop
- Namiuki | Creative Practitioner and Social Entrepreneur

His artistic interest as a choreographer and dancer sits predominantly in breaking (Break Dance)  and contemporary dance background currently lies in exploring heritage,  migration, and racism.
Lived knowledge and the state of being feral.

Poetry Session
- Asma Elbadawi!

Basketball player, coach, visual artist, and spoken word poet. Born in Sudan and raised in England, Asma’s dual cultural heritage deeply influences her creativity, paired with a focus on international development and female empowerment.

African Food from Kitchen of hope
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